Women Hair Loss

For ladies, hair is indeed the crowning glory. Having beautiful hair is often enough to make them feel gorgeous. For most ladies, their hair defines a lot of things; personality, success, health. Some consider it a large part of their identity. Losing hair may have a dramatic or even traumatic effect, especially on their self-esteem. The good thing is that there are modern means to help restore the glory of your hair!Woman Hair

There are various reasons for female hair loss. Many are caused by genetics, medications, stress or disorders. However, there are three primary causes of hair loss: Iron deficiency, thyroid abnormalities and hormonal imbalances. It is recommended that ladies, experiencing baldness under 40, take tests to determine the presence of these conditions.

Unlike in male pattern hair loss, the management of female baldness requires significant proficiency in diagnosis and treatment. To achieve best results, special skills are required in performing surgical hair restoration in women.

Womans Hair LossHair loss in a woman is generally gradual, compared to a man. The rate of thinning accelerates during pregnancy and menopause with seasonal changes that reverse themselves. Also, it's more easily affected by medical conditions, hormonal changes and external factors.

Ladies have diffused thinning and they often keep their frontal hairline. As opposed to men with a more patterned hair loss – they usually lose hair on the front part of their scalp, leaving the ones on the sides and back.

There are two tests that can help in the diagnosis of hair loss: hair pull and densitometry. In "hair pull", a finger-full of hair is pulled and the hairs that effortlessly fall are counted. In "densitometry", a small area of the scalp is measured after examining the scalp under magnification. The approximate percentage of hair that's subject to loss or is in a diminished condition is assessed.

The three categories and the management of hair loss in ladies:

  1. First is localized hair loss. This occurrence is usually around the hairline after a facelift surgery or it may be caused by Traction Alopecia (constant tugging on the hair). This can also result from injuries or medical problems that have been cured. Women with this type of baldness are excellent candidates for hair transplantation or hair restoration surgery.

  2. The second is pattern hair loss. This is similar in men. Women have thinning hair in front or on top of their scalp. This type can also be corrected by surgical restoration.

  3. The third category is diffuse hair loss which is the more common type. This is generalized thinning affecting all areas of the scalp. This thinning happens when the thickness of the hair shaft becomes lesser. It's usually genetic in nature and is not recommended for surgical solutions.

Luckily, hair loss in a woman often does not result in totality. Restore your hair's glory. Find out about our Hair Loss Treatments and take the first step towards a solution today.