Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Conquer Your Hair Loss

The hair is an important part of the body. A lot of people depend on their hair to look good on the outside and feel good in the inside. Unfortunately, a lot of people lose their hair when they get older. As they lose their hair, they also lose their self-esteem. There are different reasons why hair loss occurs; you can read them in this article [link].  Luckily, there are now different treatments for hair loss like laser treatment and our non-surgical hair replacement system.

Your Solution to Hair Loss

The solution to your hair problems is simple.  Ultimate Hair offers various non-surgical ways to help you combat hair loss. Our clinic also guarantees your privacy.  The creation of our Customized Hair System is patterned after your hairline. This will give your hair a more natural and more realistic look. Ultimate HairUltimate Hair has been taking care of people's hair needs for 28 years and is continuously working to better serve the needs of greater Nashville community. We also offer free follicle analysis by hair experts. This analysis determines whether your hair follicles are active. This is also where the treatment regimen will be determined.

Customized Hair System

Every client will have their own personalized hair system. No two persons are alike and the same goes for hair systems. Ultimate Hair only offers the best and we use 100% human hair. The color of the hair replacement system is hand selected to match your natural hair. We offer 100% client satisfaction and offer competitive prices for our services.

Other Non-Surgical Treaments

Laser Treatment